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My First Post

Hello and Welcome!

I am very excited to be making this post. For over 25 years, I have worked extensively on logistics for presentations, conferences and workshops. I have been a super volunteer and worked every angle of conference and event planning! I've successfully worked with large budgets and I've never met a budget that I couldn't meet! We offer services from conception to implementation. It is a skillset that has allowed me to develop organizational skills and a network of associates to anticipate and meet your needs. Meeting Mom will provide full-service event planning implementation to the extent your organization or company signs on for.

It is our goal to provide information. We are able to make daunting tasks less formidable. We want you to be prepared for the task at hand so that we can partner with you to get the job done with style. Our commitment to you is that we will provide timely, premium services for you to enjoy your event. We work calmly and efficiently to make your event run smoothly. We also have the flexibility to work with you as your needs change. We are committed to excellence.


Meeting Mom

See the following article to assist you in how to plan your upcoming event:

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